Mens corset for weight loss
Mens corset for weight loss cincher BDSM leather gear – TRUSS
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Mens corset for weight loss cincher BDSM leather gear – TRUSS

$89.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • Top-quality supple soft leather
  • Three leather straps
  • Heavy-duty lockable buckles
  • D-rings
  • Perfect fit waistband
  • Custom size and color available
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DESCRIPTION of mens corset for weight loss:

Mens corset for weight loss male corset-style has a certain appeal you cannot achieve by fetish leather accessories. This is a special bold playroom icon statement. When you want a fetish with more pleasure Tight corset is the best choice for you. It would also be used in bedrooms, nightclubs, or fetish parties. Here, you can find sexier, sensual, form-fitting styles and also dashing appeal as well.
Top-quality supple leather used in men wearing corsets for spice your bedroom or playroom pleasure. We are also using lining for more softness in a waist leather belt. Customization in color and sizes would also be welcome according to our valuable customer requirements. We are also paying more attention to quality inspections and discreet packing for safely handling as well.

TST LEATHER FETISH SHOP is always available helping FETISH COMMUNITY LIVE and GROWS with top quality and competitive prices. Check out and select your best mens leather corset belt from our online fetish shop.

Here, find below the detail of the main features you will get in style and certain striking appeal.

LEATHER QUALITY of Mens corset for weight loss:

  • BDSM leather gear body shapers are made of top-quality supple soft leather.

MAIN FEATURES male corset belt:

  • As per the picture black leather BDSM leather gear corset with three leather straps.
  • Heavy-duty lockable buckles with heavy-duty D-rings.
  • Waistband to ensure perfect fit men lingerie and double stitched.
  • Best choice in hardcore bondage equipment.


  • Fetish gear for men custom size and color available on your request.


  • Male leather gear order needs 10-15 days for customized orders.


  • Men wearing corsets color may vary due to screen.


  • 100% money-back guaranteed leather quality.


  • Men corset quality inspection for high standards.
  • Waist leather belt packed safely handled.
  • Black corset belt quickly dispatched on stock availability.

Note: Padlocks are not included.

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